Testing Phase is about to begin

Dear players and those who are waiting for this server,


we’re doing our best to make this server available for you and we’re currently planning on getting the server ready for testing for you guys today on Saturday. (December 15th)

Unfortunately, we’ve run into some small issues with the client at this time, so the testing phase will be pushed back for a few hours. We cannot clearly say what time we will open the download of this client for you, but right now we’re thinking about something between 18:00 and 20:00. (UTC+1)

We also want to give you a small preview of what will be ahead of you guys:

  • Lapis [5] and [6], Helm Lapis [1], Sonic & Flash [1] and [2], Dual Lapis V1-4, Emerald Lapis V1-4 (newly created Jewelry Lapis)
  • newly created 3 slot gear, 4 slot weapons and new accessories
  • pets, costumes, new mounts
  • new dungeon on pvp 1-15 map with INVASION SYSTEM
  • newly created questlines (there are more to come)
  • all items are available in-game, no donation required
  • adjustments to class and faction balance


Just a little visual of what you will expect:


Best regards and hope to see you all in-game soon,



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