Welcome to Shaiya Proelio!

You’re right now looking at this guide, because you are completely new to our server. This is meant to aid you through your first steps on our server in order to become a noble fighter for your faction.

After account creation, your account has automatically chosen the faction that has the least population. However, when you click on “delete” upon character selection screen, you will be able to choose the faction you want once more.

You will now be able to create the character you want and log into the world of Shaiya Proelio. Right next to where you’re standing, you see a merchant named “Goodie Goodsell”, who will sell you all necessary items such as CRR, POID, etc. You can also accept the first of our new quest line’s quest and complete it, to receive the blessing of your goddess and reach level 15 instantly.

Now you may choose: Will you be joining 15, 30 or 60 PvP?

There are free armors and weapons at the auction house, get them, link them and start supporting your faction.

15 PvP:

You have already reached your final level and you’re able to join your faction in the fight for justice. Armors, weapons and lapis are free for you at merchants at the auction house or the first city of Map 1 of your faction (Keo/Gliter). All you need now is gold and enchant materials to link and enchant your weapons and gear. These items you can find on map 1. If you’re done linking, you’ll be able to join 1-15 PvP and support your faction. Take a look at our drop list to see if there is anything you might need to improve your gear. Especially consider our Elite Dungeon in Proelium Frontier, you are able to enter it, when the altar is in your favor. The location of the entrance will then be visible on the map in Proelium Frontier. Here you will find a lot of items that will help you on your journey.