Here are our Terms of Service. By logging into your account, you accept them.

(1) Do not insult staff members or any other member of our server. Moreover, do not exclude any members of this server based on their background. (Including nationality, gender, race, sexual orientation, …)

(2) You are responsible for any action on your account. Therefore, do not pass your account credentials to anybody, any illegal actions will be traced back to you.

(3) Do not use any third-party programs that influence the game in any way. Using programs like that will result in a permanent ban without exceptions.

(4) Any kind of bug abusing will result in temporary bans and specific punishments. (e.g. illegal trade – deletion of all items)

(5) Stat padding – you are not allowed to have two accounts active in PvP at the same time.  Killing someone who is intentionally feeding over and over again may also result in punishments.

(6) Only trade with Game Masters if a specific event requires so. Not obeying to this rule might also cause deletion of all items.

(Last update: 12/01/2019)