PvP 30 and 60 released

Hey guys,


I’m sorry for not getting in touch with you earlier, but I had a huge workload in real life to deal with and it didn’t allow me to do much, except bringing you the update that many have asked for.

I have added a new drop list to our website and this is the most recent drop list available right now and should include all drops available on our server. As you can see, all maps that are part of Episode 4.5 are available now.

I’m currently working on a new quest line for 30 PvP and 60 PvP, on new PvP rewards and some smaller bug fixes.

I’m also working on a more fluent experience (lvl up) system as well as adding ways to get items by farming Broken Emeralds.

Please call your friends to join us to build a great server together, we’re also always happy for any suggestions you might have for us.


Thank you for understanding,


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