Patch Notes 31/12/2018

Patch Notes 31/12/2018

  • invasion system fixed
  • maps fixed
  • bosses added
  • mobs added
  • drops added
  • fixed worship weapon package
  • removed lapis costs
  • fixed a bug where reselling AP items would lead to maxing money stacks
  • if you log out on invasion system maps, you will automatically spawn in 15 pvp area safe spot
  • made items tradeable that weren’t intentionally untradeable (please report any items that are still not tradeable)
  • added new discord server due to issues with forums

updates that will take effect after next restart:

  • npc (e.g. professional blacksmith, goodie goodsell) have been added in auction house
  • Shaiya letters added as drop for altar/ides/relic

known errors:

  • oracle/pagan caps are wrong in item mall
  • armor not enchantable

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