Patch Notes 27/01/2019

Patch Notes 27/01/2019:

  • added keo and gliter to gatekeepers
  • fixed capes (ranger/assassin and mage/priest)
  • craft lapis cannot be linked in shields anymore
  • fixed a bug where shields from UoF did not drop (heroic)
  • fixed a bug where several heroic weapons could not be traded
  • reduced money required for linking for (lapis 5, sonic 1, flash 1, jewelry lapis, elemental lapis, dual lapis)
  • reduced money required for enchanting weapons and armor
  • Episode 4 skills + some ep5 skills additionally
  • added ele drop to bug boss
  • added helm lapis drop to hydra boss (removed heroic weapons)
  • reduced respawn of elite dungeon bosses to 2hours, increased drop rate of heroic gears
  • respawn of mobs in elite dungeon is faster

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