Patch Notes 26/03/2019

Patch Notes 26/03/2019:

  • removed a lot features of the personal notification system, until major problems resolved
  • reduced amount of Broken Emeralds required for some quests (15 armors -> 5 BE, 30 armors -> 7 BE)
  • reduced amount of PvP kills needed per BE (10 now)
  • fixed a bug where accessories did not drop in CS
  • added event monsters and bosses for 30 and 60 PvP
  • completely readjusted event mobs/boss drops
  • added new cape quest for 30 and 60 zone
  • added etain quest to the AH
  • all items at free merchants are now free
  • fixed a bug where some weapons were not tradeable
  • fixed a bug where OI was not an instance –> monsters/bosses now respawn after creating a new party
  • improved xp rate for leveling
  • fixed skill “Trap” for rangers/assassin


Known issues:

  • magic skin (defender, guardian) is not 1h
  • absorption aura (defender, guardian) is not 1h

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