Patch Notes 23/01/2019

Patch Notes 23/01/2019:

  • [Elite]Guardians added to protect safe-base and Elite Dungeon entrance of each faction (each 2 for entrance, 6 for safe-base)
  • gatekeeper in AH now faction-specific
  • 15 capes fixed
  • error monsters on 1-15 PvP map now fixed
  • protection altars in Proelium Frontier fixed
  • all elite monsters now drop SHAIYA letters (1% drop chance)
  • boss drops in Elite Dungeon fixed (Flash/Sonic 5%, SHAIYA letters 100%, heroic weapons 80%, heroic gear 5%; Insect Boss: Flash 50%, Sonic 40%, SHAIYA letters 25%, 1% Elite Weapons)
  • heroic gear is now a rare drop in CR/AR
  • removed access to apulune and other maps except map 1, AH and Proelium Frontier

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