Patch Note 12/03/2019

Dear players, I am sorry that you were waiting for patch notes for a long time, I am trying to add all relevant data to this post:

  • added access to 30 PvP and 60 PvP and all maps that are available in EP 4.5
  • complete drop overhaul (please check our droplist for more information)
  • added mechanic lapis to the game
  • added merchant for gear and weapons for all PvP zones to auction house
  • changed location of free gear/weapon merchants in auction house
  • added quest to get heroic 15, legendary 30 and legendary 55+ gear to Master of Helmet etc in auction house
  • changed location of quest npc for PvP gear
  • added “Benjamin the Outcast” to auction house, upper floor
  • added quest “Revenge of the Angels” where you are able to get Box of Tears [1]-[3] (available at Benjamin the Outcast)
  • added quests to get Premium Attribute Runes (they randomly change OJ stats on your item, but increase the maximum OJ stat possible for the attribute that the rune is specific for)
  • added NPC holding quests for Premium Attribute Runes to upper floor in auction house
  • added quests to exchange Broken Emeralds for a lot of items (perfect lapisia boxes, flash [2]-[3], sonic [2], mechanic lapis [1]-[3]
  • added weak etain potion to merchant in guild house
  • added all enchant material to the locations specified in drop list
  • added “Game Masters” guild, please report any blue name character to [ADM]Silomat, if they are not part of the Game Masters guild
  • complete overhaul of leveling system (custom xp)
  • free items from NPC are now actually free
  • gatekeepers in AH are fixed

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