New Invasion System coming

Hey guys,
we’ve not only fixed the entirely new questline, we also managed to add the new invasion system for 1-15 PvP. In order to become level 15, you have to accept the quest and complete it at the same NPC. For users who are interested in the story, don’t miss out on reading the quests.


This is how the invasion system works:
The faction holding the altar/ides is able to enter the dungeon for which the portal of each faction is located within their safe area. (When holding the altar, the entrance is visually marked on the map for your faction) When entering the portal, you enter the [Elite]Dungeon, which has the same structure as Argilla/Cornwell’s Ruin. Run to the boss room, because the enemy faction might already try to kill the boss before you make it.
Monsters and drops will be fixed within the next hours, so don’t miss out on that.


See you soon,

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