Commentary Event

Dear players,


unfortunately, the last time I tried to make an event like this, barely anyone participated in it, but this time, I will try to make it a little bit easier!

I have recently updated our advertisement post on (click here) and I want it to get some attention, so follow the following simple steps to take part in our event.

  1. Visit our advertisment post on
  2. Click “thanks” button on first post.
  3. Comment why you like this server! (e.g. “It’s a great server, because everyone has the chance to play on it without donation” or “I love playing on this server, …”)


That’s it! The winners for this event will be chosen randomly!

1st Place: 10$ Donation card + 30Broken Emeralds + 30 Fortune Coin LV3
2nd Place: 5$ Donation Card + 20Broken Emeralds + 20 Fortune Coin LV3
3rd Place: 5$ Donation Card + 10 Broken Emeralds + 15 Fortune Coin LV3
4-5th Place: 1$ Donation Card + 10 Broken Emeralds + 15 Fortune Coin LV3

Help us find new players by participating in this event and get this server running. I will announce the end of this event via in-game notices, once enough players have participated.


Thank you for your attention and with best regards,

Silomat (Administrator of Shaiya Proelio)


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