Best Video Event

Dear players,

as we are in need of a few promotional videos to reach more players and make our server more attractive, we now came up with the idea of making an event out of it.


Show us a video of our server that is approximately 1-2 minutes. Please focus especially on the language used (if any: no errors) and as professional as possible.
You can choose to show any content you’d like, but here are some examples:

Invasion System + Elite Dungeon
Slaying a boss

or just choose whatever you like most about our server!


Until next week (February  7th at 12 AM server-time) we want to add the 3 best videos to our youtube channel, so the prices will be as follows:

1st – redeemable 10$ donation card, 1 piece of heroic gear of choice, Best Amulet [2]
2nd – redeemable 5$ donation card, 1 piece of heroic gear of choice
3rd – 1 piece of heroic gear of choice, Best Amulet [2]

Additionally, any submission until Friday this week (February 1st, 12 AM server-time) that is suitable to be uploaded on our youtube channel an/or website and eligible to partake in our event, will get a “piece of heroic gear of choice” no matter the outcome of the event.*


(*Only one submission per account. “Eligible” are all videos that comply with our mentioned standards above)

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